Bathmate Penis Pump Review

Are you after a hydro pump that matches your size and color? Introducing the world’s first penis enlargement hydro pump. It is claimed to be the most effective. It is billed as a painless method of penis enlargement making your penis longer and harder at the comfort of your home.


A rating of 5 out 5 will suffice


  • Available in two colors to choose from
  • Results visible after 15 minutes of using it
  • The device is simple to use
  • The penis head gets enlarged
  • Harder erections regardless of one's age
  • Reduces the effects of impotence
  • No more premature ejaculations
  • Stronger and intense orgasms
  • Reduces the curvature in people with Peyronie's disease.
  • Increases sexual stamina
  • No known side effects
  • Can be used in the comfort of your own privacy
  • Can be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Comes in three different variants


  • Some say that the enlargement is not permanent
  • You will have to use it more than five times a week for half an hour daily to get the desired results
  • Need to pump frequently to see results

Key features

  • Innovative design being the world’s first penis enlargement hydro pump
  • Uses high-quality products to ensure its durability
  • It enjoys patent rights maintaining it top quality
  • The material used do not cause any irritation of infection from persistent use
  • Comes with a hand pump
  • Bundles with a comfort pad
  • Manually operated
  • Come in different sizes
  • Shower support strap
  • Measuring gauge
  • Capsule case

Bathmate Review


Considered simple and elegant Penis Enlargement hydro pump that can be used by anyone above the age of 18. Due to its popularity, many clients say that it works in the shortest time possible. It is an innovative design that opened up the gates for other penis enlargement pumps in the market.

How it Works

It is primarily to be used while taking a shower. The release valve will expel any excess water. After inserting your penis into the valve, you leave it for a few minutes before you start to pump. Doing this over a period of time is not only supposed to lengthen the penis but to widen its girth too. Some people proclaim instant results as soon after 15 minutes. But for long-term results, it is said that one has to use the device correctly and consistently.

The pump ideally creates a compression and expansion force that is the reason behind the increase in length and diameter. The more water that is pumped into the cylinder the more the penis expands. The air vacuum pumps ensure that the pressure applied is uniform and therefore your penis will not grow proportionally.


The use of this product has been documented to be safe and comfortable bearing in mind the materials used to make the vacuum cylinder.

Sexual Stamina

Use of this product grantees added libido, hard erections, fulfilling orgasms, and can be used a therapy to those men with signs of impotence or erectile dysfunction.


It has been used for the longest time in the market with proven results. Some are even claiming permanent outcome that are visible after 15 minutes. It is a trusted product in the male penis enhancement niche.

Hand Operated

Uses the power of water getting into the vacuum cylinder. An available hand pump can be used for effective results within a short time.


Depending on one’s preference Bathmate is available in different variants for different men of different sizes. Some are bundled with extra packages such as a comfort pad and gel to be used alongside the pump.

Safety Pressure Valve

In the event that the pressure becomes too much, you can use the valve to control or release pressure to a comfortable level.

Money Back Guarantee

The product website and online retailers offer a 60-day money back guarantee. This shows the level of confidence the makers of this product have.

How Does it Compare to other Penis pumps

We are comparing Bathmate and its closest rival Penomet on different dimensions as below

In terms of cost, the Bathmate is said to offer the best results against the money spent in as much Penomet has the same functionalities though with delayed result timing.

Penomet is restricted to penis longer than 2.5 inches but not beyond 7 inches, on the other hand, Bathmate has no restrictions whatsoever whatever your size you are good to go.

A comfort ring is packaged with Bathmate which is seen as a measure against suction, apparently, Penomet does not have one.

Bathmate Gaitor is affixed to the outer cover of the cylinder which makes it difficult to handle in terms of cleaning or regulating pressure. Penomet’s Gaitor is flexible with a 360-degree turn angle that makes it an asset when the pressure becomes too much.

Bathmate is the king of variants and colors that a user can choose from, Penomet comes as a one size fits all.


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