Best Male Enhancement Pills 2017

The primary purpose of male enhancement pills is said to prolong the intercourse duration and enhance the performance levels of the penis. Quick erection, sustenance of hardness and prevention of premature ejaculation are said to be the supporting parameters. Characteristics of ingredients and their composition might affect the qualitative and quantitative effectiveness of the pills.

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Scope of Review

The scope of this review is limited to MaleExtra and VigRX Plus. The focus is on ingredients and their stated characteristics, expected functional features, stated short and long term benefits, probable limitations and side effects.

Generic Overview

The process of erectile dysfunction corrections is related to physical and mental level treatments of the individual. The aim is to develop a framework which works within specific time to produce the desired results without causing any side effects.

Penis and Erection

The natural process of erection is said to happen through mental, visual and physical stimulation. Chemical messages from the brain are passed through the veins into the penis. These chemicals send the Corpora Cavernosa muscles into a state of relaxation. At the same time blood pressure in the veins increase, filling the empty spaces within the Cavernosa region. This results in the erection.

Once the blood flows in, it gets trapped by The Tunica membrane which is spread around the Cavernosa region. So the individual is able to retain this erection. When the intercourse reaches a specific peak level, the nervous system stimulates the seminal vessels to secrete the semen. The contraction of muscles at the base of the penis forces the semen out. This is called ejaculation. After this, the blood gets drained out of the Cavernosa due to relaxation of Tunica membrane. The penis is said to go back to the placid state.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is said to be a condition (physical, mental or both) where in the man is unable to reach the erection levels required for intercourse. In some cases the phenomenon may be temporal in nature due to stress and other factors. Once he is able to get back to normal state the problem may not exist any longer. On other hand if a man is consistently experiencing this sort of problem, this could lead to erectile dysfunction as a serious defect.

Probable Causes

The probable causes of erectile dysfunction could be acquired or congenital. The acquired causes could be stress at work, lack of relaxation, alcoholism, excessive smoking, drugs abuse and medical conditions. Congenital causes could be hormone deficiency, Peyronie's disease, malformation of cavernous organs like dorsal veins, fibrous envelope and the tissues and others.

The intensity of the causes and their effects are said to play a critical role in the time and effort required to correct the symptoms. The first step is to diagnose the problem and identify the causes. The medication and treatment procedures are said to depend on the specific causes and their intensity.

Why Enhancement Pills?

  • Natural methods of restoring the erectile and performance abilities among men are said to be highly effective and long lasting in nature. Since most of the ingredients are stated to be from herbal and natural chemicals, the probability of negative side effects might be reduced to near zero levels. In this regard the enhancement pills are said to be practically effective in getting the expected results.
  • Enhancement pills might help in reducing the probability of penis shrinking during the initial and intermediate stage of erection. This is said to be achieved by consistently keeping the energy levels of tissues up. There might be instances of penile shrinkage during the time of intercourse also. This is said to be due to the decrease of stored energy within the tissues of the corpora cavernosa, leading to the weakening of Tunica membrane. This might allow the blood to reverse floe from the cavernosa region abruptly. The enhancement pill could enable not only storing of energy in the tissues, but also the consistent supply during the process of copulation and intercourse. This could result in sustained erection without letting the penis to shrink prematurely.

MaleExtra Enfacement Pills

Enhancing the erectile function and duration of performance during the intercourse are said to be the basic goals of MaleExtra enhancement pills. According to the manufacturers, this is addressed in multiple stages.

MaleExtra Enfacement Pills
  • In the first stage the pills might help in attaining the state of penis erection with no hassles. The pill could eliminate accumulated stress factors within the cells of the corpora cavernosa, increasing the probability of free flow of blood into the empty space within. But this alone might not be sufficient. The pill has to go one step further and create the appropriate pressure in the veins around the base region of the penis. This might ensure blood flow.
  • The next stage is to enhance the effective strength of cavernosa muscles, outer skin, subcutaneous tissues, longitudinal fibers and the tunica albuginea. Then the penis could reach the erect state within a few minutes of stimulation through foreplay.
  • Once the erection is attained, there is a need to sustain it till the stages of copulation, inter course and reaching of peak state. The pill is expected to prong the duration of each process for a relatively longer time. The effectiveness of the pills might be measured by the enhanced duration, performance levels and the satisfaction levels of both the partners. In these aspects the MaleExtra pills are said to be practically effective.


Core ingredients of the MaleExtra are said to be pomegranate, L-Arginine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Creatine and Cordyceps. Every ingredient is stated to have its own enhancing characteristics. Their combination in the proportions specified by the manufacturers might increase the effectiveness of the way in which the pill works.


Pomegranate has the typical characteristics of an antioxidant and blood purification element. The fruit has rich ingredients of minerals like calcium, iron, sodium compounds and potassium. Vitamin C and Vitamin A are said to be the main vitamins of Pomegranate.

  • The main role of pomegranate is said to be that of toxic removal antioxidant. This ingredient could help in removing most of the toxic elements within the blood veins. Moreover it is said to have the ability for preventing the oxidation process within the blood cells when they get exposed to toxic elements like nicotine, alcohol and drugs.
  • Pomegranate could enhance the flow of oxygenated blood into the blood veins of the penis. This may increase the energy conversion levels within the corpora cavernosa region, making each cell to store energy in the form of glucose, nutrients and proteins.
  • During erection and performance, the ingredient could help burning the stored glucose and other nutrients in the right proportions. The tissues might be able to retain their tensile strength without wilting under pressure.


L-Arginine is said to be an amino acid which might be helpful in the synthesis of proteins from the consumed foods. When the proteins are burnt during the process of erection, it could act as a catalyst to convert the proteins in to Nitric Oxide.

  • Nitric oxide in the gaseous form within the blood veins could act an aphrodisiac and a relaxing natural chemical. This is said to be highly effective in the removal of stress levels within the tissues and blood veins of the cavernosa and other organs within the penis.
  • At the same time L-Arginine might be responsible for increasing the energy levels of the blood veins near the base of the penis and also the dilation of blood. This may reduce pressure points at the base, pushing the blood into the penis.
  • L-arginine is said to be responsible for balancing the Vitamin C levels within the cells and blood veins of the corpora cavernosa. This might result in optimizing the levels of endurance and resistance to stress within the penile tissues. This is said to be responsible for the increased endurance of the penis strength without shrinking.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

  • MSM is said to be one of the natural chemical compounds which might help in the elimination of tissue rigidity. Due to the flexibility, the tissues may be able to elongate and expand without any internal resistance.
  • MSM is said to be responsible for the generation of sulfur from the process of metabolism. This natural chemical could help enhance the resistance nature of the tissues to stress. This could also help in increasing the natural stress removal properties of the cells within the penile tissue. This may result in faster and long lasting erection.


Creatine is said to be one of the main agents for restoring the levels of endogenous testosterone. This might be achieved by the consistent stimulation of the glands to increase the levels of testosterone production at regular intervals.

Enhanced testosterone can increase potency levels. This may also result in increase of LHRH sex hormone. The lack this hormone is said to be responsible for the reduced sex drive among men. By balancing this hormone it might be possible to prolong the duration of erection.


  • Libido is said to be one of the unseen yet effective ingredients of creating and sustaining the sexual drive among men. Physical characteristics of libido can result in secretion of lubricating fluids from the testicles. These fluids are said to be responsible for the friction free movement of the penis during the copulation and intercourse.
  • Psychological characteristics of libido could be helpful in sustaining the desire for copulation and intercourse from the time of erection till the ejaculation. Cordyceps is said to be responsible for the initiation and sustenance of libido in men.
  • During the sustenance period this is said to be responsible for the stimulation of nerves within the corpora cavernosa and the subcutaneous tissues. This stimulation is said to be responsible for the strengthening of cardio vascular nerves also. This might help prolong the duration of intercourse without hitting the peak point soon.

Expected Benefits of MaleExtra Enfacement Pills

Short Term Benefits
  • The MaleExtra pills might help in sustenance of energy levels within the tissues and cells of the cavernosa and other regions of the penis.
  • The balance between the three elongated masses of erectile tissues, namely the right corpora cavernosa, left corpora cavernosa and the center corpus spongiosum is said to be responsible for the prolonged duration of intercourse. This is said to be achieved by the MaleExtra pills in a sustained manner.
  • ​Excess stimulation of the sensory nerves within the penis region might be avoided by the regular consumption of the MaleExtra pills. This is said to be made possible by the conditioning of the nerves to excitation levels. This might delay the excitation of the testis and release of semen from this region. That means the probability of prolonged intercourse might increase.
  • Effective erectile length and girth of the penis is said to be critical for the deep penetration into the vagina during copulation and intercourse. This might result in physical stress exertion from the inner walls of the vagina onto the external skin of the penis. This is when the ingredients of the MaleExtra might work in increasing the flexibility of the corpora cavernosa, virtually increasing the erectile length and girth of the penis beyond its natural limits. In some instances this might result in pain. Hence the experts recommend the usage of external lubricants to keep the friction level near to zero levels. This might increase the performance levels of the male penis.
  • ​The exertion of pressure from the inner walls of the vagina might result in pressure on the corpora cavernosa and the sensory nerves, leading to premature ejaculation. The ingredients of enhancement pills might help in enhancing the endurance levels of the base nerves and the external skin of the penis, avoiding the possibility of premature ejaculation.
Long Term Benefits
  • Correction of erectile disorder is said to be one of the long term benefits of the enhancement pills. This is said to be achieved by the conditioning of Corpora Spongiosum and the Glans-penis region. According to the manufacturers this could result in extended erections during the intercourse.
  • The ingredients like L-Arginine and pomegranate are said to be capable of Detox and dilation effects. This combination could be helpful in reducing the stress on the cardiovascular organs. This might have positive effects in improving the performance levels of the penis.
  • MaleExtra enhancement pills may have relaxing effects on the brain cells which get connected to the inner regions of the corpora cavernosa. This might result in stress free mind during the foreplay and intercourse.

Probable Limitations

  • According to doctors, the effectiveness of male enhancement pills can be experienced only when they are accompanied with consumption of balanced foods.
  • The users may need to consult their doctor after a certain period of consistent consumption of the pills. This could be due to the saturation levels of ingredient absorption into the blood veins. It is said that excess consumption of eh enhancement pills may not have any additional effects after the point of saturation is reached.

Probable Side Effects

Men suffering from heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and other existing medical conditions may have to consult their doctor before consuming the MaleExtra pills.

  • Men with low blood pressure could be affected with dilation effects caused by L-Arginine.
  • Men with cardiovascular problems may experience breathlessness during peak excitation periods. Prolonged and repeated exposure to peak levels might have negative side effects.

VigRX Plus Enhancement Pills

VigRx Plus is in the series of male enhancement pills which are said to contain herbal versions of ingredients extracted from the roots of plants. These ingredients are expected to have good aphrodisiac effects on the mind and body of the consumer in the long run. Though penile length and girth is one of the stated claims, it is said to be observed more during the erect state and intercourse phase. Clinical analysis about the permanence of these enhancements in penis length and girth are said to be still in progress.

VigRX Plus Enhancement Pills


Korean Red Ginseng

The ingredient is said to be strong healer of accumulated stress within the mind and body of the user. According to manufacturers’ claim, this is said to be more effective since its focus of stress removal is all over the body. According to the Chinese herbal experts, intercourse is said to be an activity which involves interaction (direct or indirect) of most of the nerves and muscles in the human body. Since the ginseng is said to be capable of eliminating the toxic elements from the core cardiovascular and penis region, the stress levels might reduce by considerable levels.

  • The ginseng is said to be a sexual stimulant. According to manufacturers this works at the physical and mental levels. At the physical level it is supposed to stimulate the libido. At the mental level it is expected to reduce the stress levels and increase the interest for intercourse. This is said to be due to the causation of chemical secretion within the brain.
  • The ginseng is said to be good in eliminating the fatigue factors of the penis cells and tissues. This might help in speeding the initial penis erection during foreplay.
  • The ginseng is supposed to be responsible for the increased secretion of testosterone within short period after consumption. This might increase the level of semen and sperm quality, lading to better male fertility.
  • The ginseng is also expected to increase the sperm motility rate to a considerable extent. That means the probability of the sperms reaching the fertile eggs within the female genital regions is said to be more.
  • ​The ginseng might put the sensory nerves within the penis region to a state of temporary numbness. This might increase the duration of the intercourse and avoid premature ejaculation.
  • The ginseng might help in solving the erectile dysfunction due to existing nervous problems. This could be achieved effectively by consulting the doctor and taking advice about the correct dosage levels and duration of consumption. This might help in strengthening of the nerves and restoration of physical health.

Saw Palmetto

This is an ingredient which is supposed to solve the problem of prostate enlargement along with sexual performance issues among adult and elderly men.

  • The herb is expected to increase the endurance power during performance. This is said to be made possible by increasing the blood holding capacity of the corpora cavernosa by increasing the tensile strength of its inner walls.
  • The herb might be able to maintain the low pressure conditions within the inner walls of the cavernosa region over extended time. This is said to be another reason for the extended duration of erection. In some instances the users of VigRX plus might have experienced the sustenance of erection after the ejaculation. This may not last longer but it could certainly help in continuing the intercourse after ejaculation to short duration of time. According to the manufacturers this effect may be enhanced when men continue to consume VigRX plus for a considerable period of time as prescribed in the product manuals or doctor prescriptions.


This ingredient is said to be used in the making of VigRX plus from the berry form. This is supposed to increase the sensuous feelings generated within the penis region.

  • Effective working of this ingredient could help in carrying the sensual feelings to the other parts of the body, including the brain. This is said to be made possible due to the combinational effect of the ginseng ingredient and palmetto.
  • This ingredient is expected to release the congestions in the digestive system. This might increase the energy levels within the inner parts of the penis due to absorption of vitamins and proteins from the foods.
  • ​Hawthorne could clear the congestions within the cardiovascular system. This might result in enhanced performance levels during intercourse.
  • Hawthorne could be responsible for the reduction of cholesterol within the veins of the penis region. This is said to be achieved by burning cholesterol and fat with the process of controlled oxidation. Though the scale of cholesterol is said to be restricted to the penile tissues and veins, the effectiveness might be good enough to initiate, sustain and energize the penis erection before and during the intercourse.

Ginko Biloba

The primary purpose of this ingredient is said to be easing of blood circulation within the penis veins. This might be made possible by the antioxidant property.

Ginko Biloba is expected to play a critical role in reducing the stress levels within the brain. Might be made possible by cleaning the stress factors (mainly chemicals) from the brain region. The effectiveness may be for short duration initially. When the user consumes the VigRX plus consistently over a period of time (as per instructions on the product manual or prescriptions from a qualified doctor) the effects may be long lasting. This could eliminate the most critical factor called depression at least during the time of intercourse.


  • The essential oils and volatile oils contained within Damiana are said to be responsible for the generation of libido. Regular consumption might make it possible to route surplus oxygen to the penis veins.
  • As an aphrodisiac, Damiana might be able to sustain the erection levels of the penis due to enhanced flexibility of cavernosa tissues. This could also result in enhanced hardness of the penis due to libido factors.
  • ​Damiana is expected to remove the physical stress accumulated within the cells and tissues of the penis. This could be made possible by elimination of toxic elements and chemicals from the cells and tissues.
  • Damiana is expected to oxidize the vitamins into nitric oxide. This is supposed to increase the erection levels and sustenance of erection over an extended period.

Tribulus Terrestris

The ingredient is said to be responsible for the immunity of the male genital organs. This is also expected to increase the production of high quality testosterones.

  • The ingredient is expected to enhance the libido factors within the penis region. These are said to be high sensitive chemicals which get transmitted to the basal region of the male brain. This may result in enhanced erection levels.
  • The ingredient is expected to enable better sleeping cycles among men. This is said to be one of the natural ways in which the penis cells and tissues could be relaxed. Moreover the natural sleep cycles could also reduce the stress levels of the brain. This is said to be one of the ingredients of VigRX plus which might increase the effectiveness of the other ingredients.

Catuaba 4:1 extract

Catuaba is one of the ingredients which might increase the mental and psychological part of the men’s libido. This is said to be made possible by the alkaloids which are present within the ingredient. They might penetrate into the parts of brain which control the sexual stimulation and enhance their functionality. When this is done, the user is able to experience better mental libido which in turn acts as stimulant for the initiation and sustenance of physical libido.

Muira Puama 4:1 extract (bark)

The ingredient is supposed to work in coordination with Catuaba. The combination might increase the physical and mental libido to a considerable extent. According to herbal experts, this duo could be responsible for the enhanced sexual performance levels of the penis for short duration of time. When the VigRX plus is consumed over a prescribed period, they might condition the inner veins and tissues of the penis for better performance in the long run.

Expected Benefits of VigRX Plus

Short Term Benefits
  • VigRX plus might increase the level of erections within the short time in the initial stages. This is said to be made possible by strengthening of the nerves and muscles within the corpora cavernosa region.
  • The enhancement pill could increase the overall stamina of the male penile structure by elimination of toxic elements. The pill ingredients are expected to enhance the substance level of erection.
Long Term Benefits
  • In the long run VigRX plus may benefit the health of the cardiovascular organs. This may not have any direct benefit for the sexual performance levels of the penis. But it is said to enhance the overall physical stamina for better performance.
  • Elimination of stress is said to be a continuous process which needs to be done every day. Continuous consumption of the VigRX plus might result in considerable reduction in the stress levels within the penis tissues and blood veins.
  • VigRX plus might be able to improve overall health of the individual by balancing the digestive and metabolic activities. Since this is one of the prime activities for supply of vitamins and elimination of toxic elements, this is expected to improve the health of the male genitals and sexual performance levels.

Probable Limitations

Men with heart problems, hypertension and diabetic conditions may have to contact their doctor before consuming VigRX plus. Men who are allergic to one or more ingredients of the pill may need medical advice before consuming the pills.

Probable Side Effects

Excess dosage may result in reduced blood pressure. Hence the users may be advised to take the help of their doctor for long term consumption, if they are suffering from chronic sexual or erectile disorders.


After going through the typical characteristics and functional features of MaleExtra and VigRX Plus it may be recommended that VigRX Plus might be relatively more effective in nature.

  • This could be due to the unique combination of ingredients like the Ginseng, Damiana and Catuaba. They might be able to enhance the natural levels of male libido when the preparation is consumed over long time.
  • The volume of libido enhancing ingredients in the VigRX Plus seems to be more in number and quality. This might have long lasting effects on the virility and performance levels of the penis.