Best Penis Extenders 2017

The penis extender is supposed to be a mechanical device used for enhancing the girth and length of the penis through the process of traction. The natural enhancements are stated to be permanent in nature and free from negative side effects. The other application of the extender is said to be therapeutic corrections of penis structure for patients recovering from post accident trauma conditions.

Penis Extenders

Scope of Review

The scope of products covered in this review is limited to Male Edge, JES extender and SizeGenetics. This is from the design and functional features of the device.

Generic Overview of Penis Extenders

To understand the way in which an extender works, it is required to know about the design and functionality of the device. This method could help in getting an insight of the practicality of applications.

Parts of the Extender

The basic design of an extender consists of a basal ring, two extender bars fitted with threads, spring apparatus, support plate and a metallic holder. Every part is said to be made from unique material and it has a purpose of design and intended functionality. The type of assembly, additional parts and enhanced functional features may vary between brands of products. But the basic purpose and working methods may remain the same.

Materials Used in Extender

The basic set of materials used in the extender are said to be silicone/silicone rubber, engineering grade plastic, brass, stainless steel and Nitin (Alloy of nickel and tin). Specific brands may use other materials or additional materials depending on the manufacturer specifications.

Male Edge Penis Extender

Design of the Extender

Male edge has a separable front piece, two sets of rods (base and top) with double split, comfort strap, base ring and a transparent cylinder above the bas ring.

Front Piece

The front piece consists of two fixed rods and a comfort ring mounted on them. The front portion of the penis below the foreskin is supposed to be placed within the comfort ring. The front piece rods are said to be connected with two base rods which could be extended or compressed with the help of slider design.

Base Ring

The base ring of the extender is said to be placed around the penis base. The diameter of the ring could be adjusted with the help of screw based knobs provided on either side of the ring.

  • The ring is said to fit into the scrotum of the penis area and balance the device firmly. The ring is supposed to bar the complete weight of the device when the user is wearing the extender. Hence the material is said to have goof tensile strength.
  • During the traction, the pressure on the ring is expected to drag along the two base rods of the device. This force might make the ring slip out of its position in the scrotum area. Hence the sealing effect of the ring is said to be of optimum level.

Traction Rods

  • They are also called as the base rods. They are said to have a tubular design with one set of elongation rods within the hollow cylindrical tube of the external cover. This structure is said to have finite series of holes.
  • The twin rods run parallel to the horizontal length of the penis separated by gap. The base of the front piece is fitted into this gap with two clips. They fit into the holes on either side of the traction rods.
  • By pressing the clip the front piece might be moved up and down along the length of the traction rod. The user can fit the clips into any hole of his choice, depending on the traction tension he may wish to have.
  • The traction rod length is also said to be adjustable by pulling the top cylindrical tube away from the base ring. This is said to be another way of adjusting the traction tension of the device. When the user wants to extend the length of the traction rod, he could do so by turning the cylinder in clockwise direction (The angle to which it has to be rotated can be obtained from the user manual). The he could pull the cylinder away from the base ring. Once he is sure of the required torsion level, he could turn the cylindrical tube in the anticlockwise direction to fix it.

Comfort Strap

The comfort strap of the Male edge extender is said to play an important role in building up the traction levels required for the device. As the user stretches the front piece away from the base ring the process of traction is said to get initiated.

The pressure exerted by the strap near the penis head region needs to be strong enough to sustain the traction. At the same time the strap pressure should avoid causing any scratches on the external skin of corpora cavernosa. According to the manufacturers, the male edge extender is said to have a silicone rubber strap that is soft on the skin.

Traction Indicator

The traction indicator could display the amount of traction being applied by the user. This is said to be a transparent plastic material made from polycarbonate. According to the manufacturers this is placed above the base ring.

Functional Effectiveness

The volume of traction applied on the penis per minute in the placid state is said to strike a balance between expansion and relaxation of the penis tissues. The path along the length of corpora cavernosa may get stretched by a few millimeters, depending upon the traction value set.

  • Stretching is said to be concentrated in the area between starting of dorsal blood vessels and Glans penis. The external meatus is one area which gets consistently stretched.
  • This might result in tissue elongation. According to biologists this could result in splitting of cells within the tissue into multiple daughter cells. This process is called as meiosis which could initiated by subjecting the cavernosa region to traction.

Penis Size

  • According to the manufacturers, the device could work effectively for various sizes of penis with equal efficiency. The stage wise stretching of the tissues is said to show its effects in enhanced length and girth. Since the process is said to be natural, the user could expect to have significant gains with consistent application.
  • The texture and anatomy of every penis is said to vary. Hence the effectiveness of the device might not be the same for everyone. This is said to depend on the frequency of tension development between relaxation periods. The time interval between two actions might vary for each extender device based on its device. The male edge extender is said to optimize this feature depending on the size of penis to produce good results.

Jes Extender

The Jes extender is said to be available in four versions of light, silver, gold and platinum in the increasing order of design and functionality features. The basic design of the device is said to consist of base unit with a front piece, comfort strap, two pairs of elongation bars and protection pad.

Design of the Extender

The core design components are said to be the extension rods which are coupled with tension rods as insertions. The user could adjust the traction level by moving the tension rods within the length of the extension rods. Both these rods are said to be attached to the base ring at one end and to the comfort strap at the other end.

  • Provision of grooves within the twin rods could enable the user to adjust the traction length between the base ring and comfort strap.
  • The base ring is said to be designed with the contours for providing support to the penis base. The fitness adjusters on both sides of the extender are said to be flexible to suit any size of penis.

Functional Effectiveness

The functional effectiveness of the Jes extender is said to be measured by considering the positive effects on critical and essential aspects of penis.

  • Flaccid length
  • Erect length
  • ​Erection Size
  • ​Erectile Function
  • ​Blood Circulation
  • ​Erection Duration
  • Ejaculation

Flaccid length

The average placid length of the male penis is said to vary among individuals. Though this may not have any effects on the intercourse action itself, it might affect the erect length and the depth of insertion during the intercourse. Hence the device manufacturers recommend the users to wear the device when the penis is aid to be in flaccid state.

  • The effect of traction on the corpora cavernosa, subcutaneous tissue and the inner circular fibers are might have direct impact on the longitudinal fibers. This could be one of the reasons for the natural elongation of the inner layer of cavernosa and spongiosum.
  • The process of traction in the placid state (Age factor might play an important role in the permanent elongation proportions) might result in slight but permanent extension in the inner layer of cavernosa and spongiosum. This may result in increased length and girth of the penis in the placid state.

Erect Length

The folded layers of the outer penis skin are said to expand during the erection phase. This might be slow in the transition from flaccid to semi-erect stage. This may speed up in the transition to fully erect stage. The difference between the penis length in the erect stage and the flaccid stage is said to be the effective length (EL) of erection.

  • EL could be increased by traction when the penis is consistently subject to this process over a period of time. This is said to be made possible by utilizing the elastic property of the corpora cavernosa and the corpora spongiosum. These two factors are said to be dependent and inversely proportional to the age of the user
  • The manufacturers of extenders are said to be working on another factor of the penis skin for increasing the effective length. This is supposed to be focused on the hidden part of the skin within the interiors of scrotum’s base. Consistent stretching resulting from traction might be able to pull out the hidden skin, though this aspect is not medically proved.

Erectile Function

The primary goal of restoring erectile function is said to be the reduction of erectile dysfunction through traction. Practical methods of solution might need to consider the effects of cardiovascular issues, hypertension; diabetes and heart problems. Doctors opine that the effectiveness of traction alone may not be sufficient in case of patients having these problems. An improvement in heir root cause conditions might be followed by traction when then could increase the probability of correcting erectile dysfunction issues.

If the erectile dysfunction is caused by stress on the cavernosa region, base of the penis, abdomen region or the veins connecting the penis, the traction method might work. For this the patient might have to follow the twin track procedures of traction with extenders and food supplements optimization. According to the designers of Jet extender, the device is said to be capable of resolving the defects associated with penis nerves passing through the abdomen region to connect to the spinal cord and the brain. This procedure might enable effective erections in the long run.

Other Effects

  • Prolonged exposure to traction could artificially stimulate hyperplasia. This is said to be a process by which the individual cells of the penis tissues split into two or more daughter cells. This in turn might result in increase in the length and size of the tissues of the corpora cavernosa. The expected net result could be overall increase in the length and size of the penis. But this process might take long time to get initiated and sustained. Hyperplasia due to traction could reduce with age.
  • The issue of penis curvature could be effectively addressed by sustained application of traction using extenders. According to the manufacturers, the device might help in reducing the defects associated with the corpora cavernosa region. They believe once the deformity is reduced, this could result in extending the horizontal length of the penis.
  • Duration of intercourse could be increased by consistent application of traction. One of the possible reasons might be the increase in endurance level of the sensory veins within the cavernosa region. According to the doctors’ opinion the symptoms of premature ejaculation could also be reduced due to increased blood retention within the cavernosa region during intercourse. However the changes may take gradually over time. The user is expected to use the device for the specific number of hours per day as advised by his doctor.

Penis Size

Increase in the size (girth) of the penis is said to be direct result of the enhanced thickness of the corpora cavernosa. But it may not be possible for the traction device to add coats of cell layers over the cavernosa. In some cases it might help in increasing the volume of blood flow into the cavernosa region during erection. This could result in enhanced size which lasts during the erection phase only.


Design of the Extender

The core design of the SizeGenetics extender is said to be based on base ring, urethra recess, traction bars (with thread), contrivance spring, support base and a noose.

Base Ring

The base ring is said to be made from high grade medical plastic. The design of the ring fits around the penis root leaving out the testicles. Adjustable knobs on either side of the ring could be used to fit it into any size of penis.

Traction Bars

Two traction bars are said to be attached to the knobs on the base ring. They extend along the length of the penis (when worn) and end up at the contrivance springs inserted into a tubular structure.

Support Base

The two ends of the tubular structure holding the contrivance springs are attached to the support base. This component is said to be made from high grade medical plastic.

Comfort Strap

The comfort strap on the support base is said to be made of skin friendly silicone rubber. This needs to be wrapped around the penis just below the foreskin region.

User Comfort

The length of the extender between the base ring and the comfort strap is the zone which is said to be responsible for the functional effectiveness of the device.

  • The threads and the spring could be used to vary the traction tension of the device from the minimum to the maximum levels. This could be defined by the number of turns made by the thread to increase the length of the traction rods.
  • The user might work with each level of traction tension for a specified period of time as specified in the manual. Generally the length of the device will be set to one centimeter longer than the flaccid length of penis. The user may wear the device and then wear the loose fitting inner garment and the normal dress above them. The comfort bar is said to be accommodative for ensuring the soft pressure on the penis head while wearing.

Functional Benefits

The primary purpose of using the SizeGenetics extender bar is said to be for enhancing the erection properties of the penis. Additional benefit might be obtained in the form of permanent increase in the length and girth of the penis, depending on the existing health conditions of the user and age factor. The other probable benefit could be correction of the penis curvature.

  • Traction tension applied onto the external surface of the penis can get transferred to the internal parts of corpora cavernosa. The twin channels of this organ run through the length of the penis from the base till the head. They are said to be made of soft muscles, circular fibers, longitudinal fibers, tissues and blood veins passing from the base of the penis. When traction is applied along the length, the cavernosa might experience horizontal stretch and diametrical pull simultaneously. These two forces might cause vibrations within the inner layers of the cavernosa.
  • According to the device designers and medical experts, this is said to be similar to exposing the penis to set of physical workouts (Said to be similar to the one experienced by the shoulder muscles while working with weights). The tensile strength of this region could gradually increase with time.
  • According to the device designers this might result in enhanced erection sustenance. They claim the effects could be felt by the user even when the penis is in the flaccid state. That means the effective length and thickness of the penis might undergo permanent enhancement. The level to which this change occurs might depend on the existing health conditions of the user, his penis size and the usage pattern and duration of the device.
  • ​The erectile efficiency of the device is said to be measured by calculating the difference in penis length in the flaccid state from erect state length. If the effective length has increased by a few millimeters after using the device for a few days /weeks, the device is said to be capable of producing practical results. They could be in the form of enhanced blood circulation, elimination of toxic elements, increased cellular respiration and storage of energy within the cells and tissues of the corpora cavernosa. This is said to be caused by enhancing the physical characteristics and medical conditions of the corpora cavernosa.
  • Traction over an extended time could result in decreased levels of stress on the corpora cavernosa. This might result in smooth flow of blood into the blood veins, resulting in faster erections. The enhanced tensile strength of the inner layers of cavernosa might enable blood to stay for extended time within the organ, making the erection relatively last longer. The duration for which the erection lasts might gradually increase as the user keeps using the extender device.
  • The user may be expected to refrain from using the device beyond the period per day recommended by the manufacturer. This could be to avoid reaching the breaking point levels. This is when reverse stress from the device might cause damages to the external skin and internal tissues and veins. Also there might be a limit to which the erectile function of the penis could be stretched. This is said to depend on the age of the user and the existing health condition. Hence the user might be expected to use caution when he experiences saturation point of erection.

Enhancement of Penis Size and Length

  • Enhancement in the length and girth of the penis could be observed during two distinct phases, namely the flaccid phase and the erect phase. The former has been discussed above. The latter part might need further investigation into the process of traction.
  • Mechanical traction of tissues over extended period of time could result in active proliferation of the cells due to consistent strain on the parent cells. This might make the cells to split due to cell hyperplasia. According to the medical terms, this may be called as cell multiplication. The process of hyperplasia may happen along the directions in which the traction is being applied. Since the primary direction is along the penis length, the user might expect to gain extra length of the penis. According to the medical tests and experiments conducted with the SizeGenetics, the average gain might vary for individuals depending on their age and health conditions.
  • The secondary effect might be observed in the form of extended girth of the penis, though the ratio is said to be minimal with respect to the length. The designers opine that the minimal gains in girth might have good effects in the long run.

Other Benefits

The other benefits of using the SizeGenetics are said to be corrections of curvature disorder, prevention of premature ejaculation and restoration of penis erections to healthy conditions.

Curvature Disorder Correction

The length of the penis may not be a straight line when it transforms from flaccid state into the semi-erect and fully erect stages. This is said to be due to the characteristics of the corpora cavernosa. The angle of curvature from the horizontal line could vary for individuals. But when this curvature goes beyond the tolerance angle the penis said to have defective curvature.

According to medical science there are two types of curvature defect, namely the acquired and the congenital.

  • Acquired curvature disorder could be due to physical injuries, accidents or other damages caused by diseases. According to the extender device designers, it may be possible to correct these types of defects by subjecting the penis to traction in the extender device. The user may need to follow the instructions of the doctor while using the device. At the end of the prescribed time the user /patient might be experience considerable progress in the process of curvature disorder corrections.
  • The congenital type of curvature disorder could be due to abnormal growth of Tunica portion of the penis. This might be corrected with the help of proper diagnosis and treatment. At some point of the treatment the doctors might advise for using the penis extender. SizeGenetics is said to be one of the effective devices for correcting the curvature disorder among male adults. The effectiveness of the treatment using the device may depend on the intensity of the disorder, prior treatment procedures and their effectiveness. In some cases the congenital curvature disorder could be genetic in nature. In such cases the patient may need to look for alternate methods.
  • ​Reduction in the probability of premature ejaculation could be achieved effectively by subjecting the penis to consistent traction with the SizeGenetics extender. This might be made possible by the increase in tensile strength of corpora cavernosa, its capacity to hold the blood within the veins for extended period and the conditioning of the sensuous nerve in the penis. According to medical experts, the increased sensitivity of the nerve might result in premature ejaculation. Manual method of suppressing this nerve is said to be example for prolonging the ejaculation time of the penis. According to the designers of the SizeGenetics, the same technique could be replicated with the prolonged and gradual application of traction.
  • Restoration of the penis erection to healthy conditions could mean reduction of premature shrinking of the penis. This shrinking could happen because of the inherent weakness factors developed in the penis. It is said that many of such factors are due to unhealthy habits and addictive behavior of the user. The first criteria for the restoration of normal health is said to be elimination of the addictive behavior. Then the user needs to contact his doctor about the probability of using the extender device.
  • Using the SizeGenetics extender till the prescribed time could help in restoring the energy levels within the tissues and veins of the corpora cavernosa. This process could be time consuming, depending on the existing health condition of the user. According the doctors, the user might be able to restore partial energy levels within the first few weeks of sustained usage. However he also needs to follow the diet pattern as advised by his doctor. This could enhance the probability of energy restoration. Gradually this might also result in resumption of normal blood flow within the veins in the corpora cavernosa.

Probable Limitations of the SizeGenetics

Patients suffering from heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and nervous weakness problems may have to consult their doctor before using the penis extender device.


The scope of research work done on the three models of extenders, namely Male Edge, JES extender and SizeGenetics has been from design and functional aspects. Based on the evaluation of these parameters SizeGenetics might be recommended as a good penis extender.

The ability for the device to cover multiple features related erection, size and length enhancement, disorder correction, reduction of premature ejection problems and restoration of penis health could be the reason for recommendation.