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Overcoming the physical causes of male erection problems could be effectively addressed by the use of penis pumps. The important parameters to be considered are their design, parts, working method, effectiveness and safety measures. By applying the suggested techniques of usage, optimum levels of erection could be attained and sustained. Long term usage might also help in increasing the girth and length of the penis without negative side effects.

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Scope of Review

The scope of this review includes two products which are said to be prevalent among the hydro pumps devices. They are the Penomet and Bathmate brands.

Generic Overview of Penis Pump

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Penis pump is a device used for enhancing the girth and length of erection by creating vacuum pressure. This pressure is supposed to act along the length of corpora cavernosa.

  • The suggested range of pressure is supposed to be good enough to excite the tissues and nerves of the two channels of Corpora cavernosa. This could be effective from the pelvis region till the tip of the penis.
  • Consistent excitation at optimum intensity could stretch the tissues of the cavernosa beyond their normal size. Then the penis is said to pass from the flaccid phase into the tumescent (semi-erect) and into the erect phase. During these phases the flexibility and the tensile strength of the corpora cavernosa is supposed to increase. A good penis pump is supposed to decrease the time interval for the transformation of the placid state of the penis into the hard erect phase.
  • At this stage the cavernosa is said to absorb blood into the veins and trap it within the region. As long as the blood levels are high, the hardness of erection is supposed to be retained. The duration for which this hardness phase can prolong during intercourse is said to be the “effectiveness factor” of the penis pump.
  • There are two types of penis pumps, namely air pressure pumps and hydro pressure pumps. According to medical experts, hydro pumps are said to be safer as the pressure values are supposed to stay well within the rupture points.

Penomet Penis Pump

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The Penomet penis pump is said to be designed with the changeable gaiter as the core feature. The other important components of the pump are supposed to be its cylinder, valve and the pressure builder.

· The cylinder is stated to be made of transparent polycarbonate. This is an engineering grade plastic which is said to have high tensile strength and endurance levels for withstanding hydro pressure.

· The manufacturers have embedded a scale along the length of cylinder, which could be used for measuring the levels of water and pressure.

· Penomet is said to have 6 types of gaiters for varying the levels of differential pressure. This is represented from force-60 to force-85 in increments of 5. Each value of force is marked with a distinct color. Force-60 is purple, Force-65 is blue, Force-70 is black, Force-75 is grey, Force-80 is red and Force-85 is green. According to the manufacturers they are supposed to be used alternatively during the penis exercise routines.

· The recommended usage of the Penomet pump is said to be between 15 and 30 minutes for each session.

Role of Penomet Gaiter

When the user fits the gaiter into the cylinder and wears the water filled pump, he may be able to start building the pressure in gradual steps. While working with the device he can use the bathtub or the shower to keep his body relaxed.

The gaiter is said to be responsible for building the initial water pressure, enhancing for the suction and sustaining it until the release valve is opened.

  • The gaiter is said to be made from silicon rubber with good stretching features. This material is supposed to be tested skin friendly nature and free from harmful chemicals.
  • The design of the gaiter is said to be done for creating optimum suction pressure within the specified time period. The user may be able to control the speed of suction by reading the pressure scale and feeling his comfort level.

Suggested Penomet Usage

  • The device is supposed to be worn in such a manner that the base of the gaiter touches the back end of the corpora cavernosa, leaving the sacks out.
  • Once this is done the user can build the pressure by sealing the release valve. It might take a few strokes to find the right suction. Then the device is supposed to stay attached to the penis due to the water pressure built in the cylinder.
  • Then the user is supposed to start the stretching exercises with the pump in place. He may perform up and down stretches for duration of 30 seconds for each direction. He is supposed to take a break for 1 or 2 minutes between two consecutive stretches.
  • The manufacturers recommend the users to stay completely relaxed during the exercises routines to get the maximum stated benefits from the device.

Types of Stretches

According to the manufacturers, the user may perform 3 types of stretches using the Penomet pump. They recommend certain standard methods.

  • Outward stretch in the forward direction is supposed to be for 30 seconds
  • Upward stretch at a comfortable angle till the user is free from any sensation of pain. This exercise is also supposed to be for 30 seconds. The same procedure is said to be repeated for the downward stretch.

Jelqing Importance

Jelqing is supposed to be an exercise for the penis while working with the Penomet pump. According to the manufacturers, this could enhance the flexibility of the organ and avoid ruptures in the tissues and blood vessels. User may follow the instructions as given in the product manual for this exercise.

Pressure Release Valve

The pressure release valve of the Penomet pump is supposed to be used when the user feels excess pressure. He may feel it when he is engaged in the stretching exercises. The other instance is supposed to be the suction pressure build up.

On both the occasions he may open the release valve to let the water out. Once he feels the pressure is reaching optimum value, he may close the valve and continue with the session.

Exercising Schedule

According to the product manufacturers, the user is supposed to perform the stretching exercises for 10 weeks. During this time he is supposed to utilize the various colored gaiters. The exact permutation and combination of using the gaiters could be found in the product instruction manual.

Stated Benefits of Penomet Pump

The manufacturers have listed several benefits of using the Penomet pump for those users who might have erection dysfunction. These benefits are said to be from the physical and psychological perspectives.

Girth and Length Enhancement

According to the manufacturers, the device could also help in naturally increasing the girth and size of the penis. To support their argument, they put forward the theory of muscle mass development through physical workout. By applying the same logic they argue that it is possible to permanently increase the length and size of the penis in this manner of using the Penomet penis pump.

Male Erection

According to the neurologists erection is a phenomenon by which the penis attains the optimum length and girth for enabling intercourse. Erection is said to happen in two phases from the flaccid state of the penis. The first state is said to be the semi-erect stage, when the tissues along the corpora cavernosa start stretching. The next stage, the blood vessels surrounding the twin channels of the cavernosa get filled up with oxygenated blood. This completes the process of hard on erection. This is supposed to last till the completion of the intercourse and ejaculation. Then the penis is supposed to return to the flaccid state.

Erectile Dysfunction

This is said to be the result of certain physical defects in the penis region. The other issue could be related to psychological defects which are practically out of the scope of this review.

Role of Penomet Pump

According to the manufacturers, the pump can help in conditioning the corpora cavernosa and veins around it to hold the blood for extended period of time. This is supposed to increase the duration of erection during the time of intercourse.

How it Works

  • The pump is said to apply sustained and uniform pressure along the deep dorsal vein of the penis, extending from the base. This is supposed to act on all the critical parts of the penis, including circumflex vein, sinusoids, dorsal artery and the corpora cavernosa all along the length and girth.
  • The average spinal activity is supposed to be enhanced by the regular exercises. As a result the penis tissues and blood vessels might get conditioned for extended endurance. To understand this process better, the manufacturers site the erection cycle from the stimulation stage till the erection.
  • Erection is said to be maximum, when the cavernosa muscles get relaxed. This is supposed to cause a rush of blood flow into the corpora cavernosa. According to the manufacturers, Penomet can help in reducing the stress levels on this muscle. When the user performs stretching exercises wearing the device, the hydro pressure is supposed to spread uniformly around the external surface of the penis’ cylindrical shape.
  • When used over long period, the Penomet pump is also expected to enhance the autonomic and somatic neurons located within the veins around the cavernosa. Since they are supposed to get conditioned to hold blood for an extended period, the user might experience longer and stronger erections.

Who Could Benefit

According to the device manufacturers, men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, excess flaccid conditions and those having issues with the autonomic and somatic neurons could make use of Penomet.

  • Men with erectile dysfunction could have problems with relaxation of the corpora cavernosa muscles. This could be due to excess of stress on this region. Penomet experts say this stress could be normalized with the continued usage of the device over long time. In the initial stages it might take longer time for the user to experience effective erections. According to the manufacturers, this can lead to permanent conditioning of the muscles to relax upon sexual stimulation.
  • The other probable problem could be due to the inability of the corpora cavernosa to retain the blood within its interiors for a long time. According to Penomet experts this could be due to the weakened corpora cavernosa, Tunica and the deep dorsal vein. They claim that it is possible to enhance the tensile strength of these organs by using Penomet regularly.
  • The extent to which peripheral pressure works on the veins and the tissues of the penis is said to be directly proportional to the level to which they are tuned and conditioned. According to neurologists, stretching the penis beyond a certain limit could result in external and internal damages. This could be a reason for the Penomet experts to recommend caution while using the device for stretching.
  • The Penomet manufacturers have suggested the pressure to be maintained at the lower limit during the first few weeks of training. Users can read the instruction manual about the guidelines for using the color of gaiters. According to them this procedure could help in gradually increasing the endurance limits of the penis tissues and nerves.

Safety Parameters

According to the manufacturers, Penomet is said to be safe for usage in the long run. This is said to be due tom the features for controlling the pressure levels. The inner walls and surfaces are the components are said to be free from any hard materials and sharp projections.

Probable Limitations of Penomet

According to the manufacturers, the Penomet pump could be useful for those with most of the erectile dysfunction problems. This might seem perfectly logical by looking at the recovery rate for the affected people.

However there could be certain limitations when it comes to psychological complications involving the erectile dysfunction problems. According to medical experts they need to be liberated from the psychological issues troubling them in the initial stages. Once they are through this phase they may be able to get the maximum of stated benefits by the Penomet penis pump manufacturers.

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Bathmate Penis Pump


The design of standard Bathmate pump is said to be made from the skin friendly materials like rubber, polycarbonate and the TPE. The spring is said to be made of stainless steel, which is supposed to be highly light in weight and rustproof. The main components of the device are

  • Gaiter
  • Gaiter pump
  • Check valve and the cap
  • Spring
  • O-ring and the comfort ring
  • Cylinder

Design Parameters

According to the manufacturers, the designing of the device is done by keeping the variable dimensions of the penis and the user safety and comfort. Some of the stated parameters are listed here.

  • Maximum penis girth: - According to the designers, the device could support variable penis girth at the placid state and erect state. They say that sufficient space is provided while designing the diameter of the cylinder, the rings and gaiter. The Hercules and Goliath models are stated to be conforming to the quality of design standards expected by uses with different penis girth.
  • Maximum penis length: - According to the designers, the length of the device, including the cylinder and the gaiter is supposed to be sufficient to accommodate any type of penis.
  • Pressure resistance: -The usage of polycarbonate, rubber and stainless steel is said have enhanced the tensile strength of the device. They claim it can withstand sustained pressure levels over long time without breaking or leaking.
  • Vacuum volume: - This is supposed to be one of the critical parameters which could affect the erectile characteristics of the penis. The balance between air and water pressure in bars is said to be sufficient to ensure optimum length and girth increase.

Gaiter Properties

The design of gaiter pump is said to be optimized for exerting sustained pressure along the path of cylinder and check valve until the valve cap. The comfort ring the top of gaiter is said to be made of soft and skin friendly rubber. When the user wears the device this ring is could fit in to the base of the penis in such a manner that could block leakage.

The gaiter pump is said to be designed for maximum efficiency under variable usage conditions. The flexible material could ensure optimum pressure buildup within the specified time frame.

Comfort Ring Properties

The comfort ring is said to be designed to provide maximum cushioning effects to the circumference of the penis it contacts. At the same time it could exert the optimum volume of pressure onto the penis base so it can hold onto it without slipping away.

· When the penis is in the placid state, the comfort ring might not be tight fit. The user is supposed to build the water pressure by using the gaiter pump. This is when the penis is expected to grow in its girth and length to the semi-erect state. At this point the comfort ring could fit correctly around the perimeter of the penis.

· When the hydropump pressure is increasing gradually, the penis base could experience variation in the fitting tightness. The design of the comfort ring is said to be made in a way which could produce sealing effects within the shortest time after using the pump.

Gaiter Pump Properties

The hydro pump attached to the gaiter is said to be designed to enable optimum pressure buildup within the chamber. At this stage the pump could produce the correct volume of vacuum generated by hydro pressure.

· This sort of vacuum is said to be safe and optimum for attaining the most optimum level of erection.

· The level to which erection can be sustained is said to depend on the pump’s ability to maintain the vacuum. This could vary when the user stretches the device for performing penis exercises. The ability to maintain constant pressure is said to be achieved by the intrinsic design of the hydro pump.

O-Ring Properties

· The O-Ring of Bathmate is placed very close to the spring, enabling it to control the vacuum and the hydro pressure level within the body of the device. As the user increases the pressure from the pump, its impact could be felt by the spring and the valve body.

· The reverse pressure from the valve body side could be a critical factor which might place the penis in a position of stress. The O-Ring is said to be designed in a manner to keep the spring tension constant in the negative direction for a given value of the pressure from the hydro pump. The combinational effect is said to result in the enhanced penis enlargement.

Spring Properties

The Bathmate device spring is said to be made of stainless steel with optimum number of windings. According to the manufacturer, they are designed to endure the hydro pressure and balance it within the tolerance limits. This is said to be responsible for reducing the pressure on the check valve by absorbing it within its windings.

Valve Body Properties

· For achieving the most optimum results, the direction of the Bathmate device is supposed to be tilted upwards. In this position the negative pressure from the valve body could make the penis to increase its girth and length.

· The sensation of vacuum on the penis head and the length of corpora cavernosa is said to increase when the device is held vertically upwards. The valve body is said to be designed in a manner to balance this with the hydro pressure created by the pump at every stage. This could remove unhealthy stress on penis, letting it stretch and expand freely.

Valve Cap Properties

The valve cap of Bathmate is supposed to withstand the hydro pressure exerted by the pump. This is said to increase when the user presses the device into the pelvic seat, which results in the compression of the bellows in the gaiter. The valve has to withstand this pressure until the user opens it to release its intensity. This is said to be made possible by the design of the valve and the endurance capacity of the polycarbonate material.

How it Works

The Bathmate penis pump is said to be made simple in its functionality with the design features. According to the manufacturers, the coordination between the parts is responsible for the efficient functioning of the device.

  • The complete design of the device is said enable optimum erection of the penis which could be sustained for long time.
  • The device could be filled with water from a shower or bathtub easily. Once the water is filled, the user can slide the device over the penis and pres it against his pelvic seat.
  • The gaiter bellows get adjusted to fit into the pelvic portion and seal the portion when optimum level of negative pressure is attained.
  • The user could eliminate the air molecules from the inner parts of the device by just leaning back while using it. This is said to be made possible by the design of the gaiter and comfort ring.
  • The ratio between the compression and force pressure for the hydro power based device like Bathmate is said to be geometric. That means a small increase in the gaiter pressure could result in large volume of pressure on the penis. This is said to be responsible for the creation of optimum vacuum levels within the device’s cylinder.
  • The act of balancing the vacuum within the device is said to be achieved due to the creation and releasing mechanism in each session. According to the manufacturers, the presence of vacuum for a few seconds could enhance the probability of holding back the blood circulating into the cavernosa region. When this exercise is repeated over time, this might be able to condition the veins and tissues within the cavernosa to retain the blood over extended period of time.

Who Could Benefit

Men facing issues with attaining and sustaining penile erections could benefit from the design and functional features of Bathmate.

  • The volume of vascular relaxation obtained by the inner vessels of the corpora cavernosa is said to be enhanced by the optimum pressure within the body of the device.
  • The pressure on corpus spongiosum is said to cause the blood flow within the cavernosa region to be smooth and fast. According to device designers, this pressure could start from the lowest levels and reach the optimum levels, as the user keeps working with the device over long time.
  • Men having problems with penile shrinkage might be able to benefit from the regular usage of the device. According to medical science, the shrinkage of penis could happen due to stress on the inner tissues and veins of the cavernosa region. In some instances this shrinkage could happen even before the intercourse has begun. Men usually find this sort of problem to be more complex in nature. By using the Bathmate pump consistently, it could be possible to strengthen the tissues and nerves within the cavernosa region. In some men the results might be observed faster, while in others it may take time. The manufacturers advise the users to keep using the device in an optimum level as prescribed in the user manual to make the results possible.
  • Exposing the penis consistently to the hydro pressure exerted within Bathmate could result in exercising of the corpora cavernosa region. Though it may not result in creation of new cells, it might lead to stretching of the cavernosa to certain extent. Since this happens along the length as well as the diametric sections, the girth and length of the cavernosa might increase over a period of time.
  • One of the reasons for premature ejaculation is said to be the weakness in the cavernous artery and the trabecular muscle located within the corpora cavernosa. When the penis is exposed to the hydro pressure within the Bathmate, this might help in increasing the endurance levels of these two organs. So the blood retaining pressure level within this region could increase gradually. The other important parameter is said to be the degree to which this muscle gets expended. The expansion ratio is said to be enhanced due to the hydro pressure exerted on the vasodilators present within the cavernosa region. According to the designers, the device can also enhance the expansion of sinusoid blocks, once blood has entered the cavernosa region. This might increase the blood retaining capacity of the penis for an extended period of time. As a result the penis could be able to stay in the erect state for a longer time before ejaculation.

Safety Parameters

The safety parameters of the Bathmate penis pump are said to be enhanced by the design and construction of the critical parts of the device. The valve cap is said to be one of the most important safety factors. The user could be able to regulate the pressure within the device by releasing the water when the internal pressure goes beyond tolerance limits

The comfort ring, the gaiter body and the safety valve body are said to be designed to maintain optimum negative pressure. This might prevent the penis from experiencing excessive stress at any point of time.

Probable Limitations of Bathmate

One of the limitations faced by the Bathmate could be its applicability for men suffering from heart problems, hyper tension and diabetic conditions. The overall effectiveness of the device could be reduced among these people, due to the probable side effects in the long run. They may be advised to consult their doctor before being able to utilize the Bathmate penis pump. By referring to the safety instructions and user limitations provided in the manual, it is possible to get more information.

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After going through the features of Penomet and Bathmate brand, the Penomet could be recommended as an effective device. This could be due to its capacity to hold various types of gaiters. This feature is said to be helpful for the users to elevate their experience of correcting erection issues in stages.

At every stage the user might be able to go at his pace, by getting used to one type of gaiter at a time. This might also help in avoiding excess pressure on the penis, which would have resulted in external and internal damages to the penis in the long run. This is said to be an added safety feature, though it may not be explicitly stated.