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VigRX Plus Pill Review

If you have ever gone through the frustration of unfilled sexual desires VigRX Plus could be the remedy no one has ever told you about. You will have the benefit of having a fuller big erection that will last the entire time you are entangled. You only need to take it twice a day and be ready to surprise your partner.

VigRX Plus

Because of its relatively affordable pricing, it can be on the 4-star mark of approval.


  • Based on extensive research to solve male sexual performance issues
  • The ingredients used are extracts from naturally occurring compounds.
  • Increased penis size because of the increased blood flow in the penis glands
  • Increased ability to control one's erection
  • Increased orgasm quality
  • It is relatively affordable compared to its other counterparts in the marker
  • May give results within 48 hours depending on the individual
  • May initiate the desire to be intimate


  • Many imitations exist in the market
  • may not work on men with who have suffered erectile dysfunction

The Key Features

The numerous naturally occurring ingredient extracts are combined with other primary active ingredients to improve blood flow. Some of them are explained below

  • Bioperene increased the absorption of vital nutrients
  • Damiana triggers sexual desires
  • Gingko Biloba increases blood flow in the veins and improves mental alertness
  • Epimedium Sagittatum is a powerful supplement that provides a perfect remedy for erectile dysfunction
  • Asian Ginseng regulates your blood pressure and is used as an energizer
  • Hawthon Berry which is responsible for dilating the arteries making them ready for absorbing increased flow of oxygen
  • Zinc maintains a healthy immune and works to fully synthesize DNA

VigRX Plus Review

What is VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a powerful natural penis enhancement capsule that contains 100% natural extracts that are designed to promote your sexual strength and libido. The active ingredients have undergone extensive research in proving that they can work to improve one’s sexual prowess.

How Does it Work

The key ingredient Catuaba which is a Brazilian herb that is re-unowned for its aphrodisiac properties. This combination of herbs works together to increase the flow of blood in the gonads area for better long lasting erections.

Several studies have been conducted on people who use two capsules a day over a span of three months and people report better sexual experiences. This is said to be a wonder drug for those who suffer erectile dysfunction.

The ingredients are also said to enhance the quality of sperm produced as well the quantity. The product manufacturer indicates that the results are long term and permanent.


An extract from the Muira tree that is famed for reducing the effect of impotence and increase the urge to have sex.

Turnera Aphrodisiac

Well, known extract from the Damiana tree that increases the intensity of male orgasms.

Widely Recommended

There are claims that VigRX Plus has the endorsement of many doctors and leading physicians who deal with men’s sexual health

Has Passed Many Clinical Tests

Extensive research and tests has been done to give the pill credibility in the market

Positive VigRX Plus Reviews

A good number of buyers have testified of good results within the shortest time possible

Side Effects

Despite the fact that it id a combination of different extracts, VigRX Plus has no documented case of an adverse side effect.

Penis Size

This remains a debatable feature because some say the apparent increase in penis size is all about the increasing blood flow that stimulates the penis to grow thicker and not longer.

How Does It Compare to Other Penis Enlargement Pills

VigRX Plus has Biopene that is said to be the reason behind the faster absorption of nutrients in the body which lacks in the makeup of Male Extra

VigRX Plus has been widely tested in the market because it has been used fro the longest time unlike the Male Extra

Using VigRX Plus shows results within 90 days whereas Male Extra requires constant usage for about 3-6 months to see results.

Those interested in penis enlargement exercises can use the VigRX Plus bundles together with a gel performance enhancer. Male Extra comes with a box of DVD penile exercise routines.

You can also read our home page for other Male Enhancement Pills

Bathmate Penis Pump Review

Are you after a hydro pump that matches your size and color? Introducing the world’s first penis enlargement hydro pump. It is claimed to be the most effective. It is billed as a painless method of penis enlargement making your penis longer and harder at the comfort of your home.


A rating of 5 out 5 will suffice


  • Available in two colors to choose from
  • Results visible after 15 minutes of using it
  • The device is simple to use
  • The penis head gets enlarged
  • Harder erections regardless of one's age
  • Reduces the effects of impotence
  • No more premature ejaculations
  • Stronger and intense orgasms
  • Reduces the curvature in people with Peyronie's disease.
  • Increases sexual stamina
  • No known side effects
  • Can be used in the comfort of your own privacy
  • Can be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • Comes in three different variants


  • Some say that the enlargement is not permanent
  • You will have to use it more than five times a week for half an hour daily to get the desired results
  • Need to pump frequently to see results

Key features

  • Innovative design being the world’s first penis enlargement hydro pump
  • Uses high-quality products to ensure its durability
  • It enjoys patent rights maintaining it top quality
  • The material used do not cause any irritation of infection from persistent use
  • Comes with a hand pump
  • Bundles with a comfort pad
  • Manually operated
  • Come in different sizes
  • Shower support strap
  • Measuring gauge
  • Capsule case

Bathmate Review


Considered simple and elegant Penis Enlargement hydro pump that can be used by anyone above the age of 18. Due to its popularity, many clients say that it works in the shortest time possible. It is an innovative design that opened up the gates for other penis enlargement pumps in the market.

How it Works

It is primarily to be used while taking a shower. The release valve will expel any excess water. After inserting your penis into the valve, you leave it for a few minutes before you start to pump. Doing this over a period of time is not only supposed to lengthen the penis but to widen its girth too. Some people proclaim instant results as soon after 15 minutes. But for long-term results, it is said that one has to use the device correctly and consistently.

The pump ideally creates a compression and expansion force that is the reason behind the increase in length and diameter. The more water that is pumped into the cylinder the more the penis expands. The air vacuum pumps ensure that the pressure applied is uniform and therefore your penis will not grow proportionally.


The use of this product has been documented to be safe and comfortable bearing in mind the materials used to make the vacuum cylinder.

Sexual Stamina

Use of this product grantees added libido, hard erections, fulfilling orgasms, and can be used a therapy to those men with signs of impotence or erectile dysfunction.


It has been used for the longest time in the market with proven results. Some are even claiming permanent outcome that are visible after 15 minutes. It is a trusted product in the male penis enhancement niche.

Hand Operated

Uses the power of water getting into the vacuum cylinder. An available hand pump can be used for effective results within a short time.


Depending on one’s preference Bathmate is available in different variants for different men of different sizes. Some are bundled with extra packages such as a comfort pad and gel to be used alongside the pump.

Safety Pressure Valve

In the event that the pressure becomes too much, you can use the valve to control or release pressure to a comfortable level.

Money Back Guarantee

The product website and online retailers offer a 60-day money back guarantee. This shows the level of confidence the makers of this product have.

How Does it Compare to other Penis pumps

We are comparing Bathmate and its closest rival Penomet on different dimensions as below

In terms of cost, the Bathmate is said to offer the best results against the money spent in as much Penomet has the same functionalities though with delayed result timing.

Penomet is restricted to penis longer than 2.5 inches but not beyond 7 inches, on the other hand, Bathmate has no restrictions whatsoever whatever your size you are good to go.

A comfort ring is packaged with Bathmate which is seen as a measure against suction, apparently, Penomet does not have one.

Bathmate Gaitor is affixed to the outer cover of the cylinder which makes it difficult to handle in terms of cleaning or regulating pressure. Penomet’s Gaitor is flexible with a 360-degree turn angle that makes it an asset when the pressure becomes too much.

Bathmate is the king of variants and colors that a user can choose from, Penomet comes as a one size fits all.

Penomet Penis Pump Review

If size matters to you either in terms of length or girth, you may need the services of a water penis vacuum pump that was specifically designed to increase your penis size in terms of length and diameter. It is an invention in the market that is said to be the perfect and safest tool for penis enlargement.

penomet reviews

In its category, it will take a rating of 4 out of 5


  • Relatively cheaper compared to other devices of the same class
  • Gaiters- the device use to control pressure applied to come in different settings
  • The results are almost instant
  • Comes with a free user guide
  • You are able to move from basic standards to premium standards Penomet at an added fee
  • Can be used by people with all types of penis size or those with Peyronie's disease.
  • Can be used while in the shower
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Reduces the effects of impotence
  • Controls premature ejaculation
  • Reverse the effects of Peyronie's disease
  • Sexual vigor and stamina is increased


  • Does not work for people with micro penis syndrome – any size that is less than 2inches
  • Can accommodate penis length of up to 8 inches to the maximum

Key features

  • It is mainly a cylindrical tube made from a high quality plastic that is considered unbreakable. It's pressure control mechanism is made up of medical grade silicon.
  • It can be used virtually everywhere including the shower without affecting the final result.
  • It implement the Aqua pressure system to thrust out the maximum vacuum space fro the best results
  • The cylinder has been measured to its nearest inches and centimetres
  • The pressure release valve can turn up to 360 degrees making using it so easy
  • The manufacturer’s used the most durable materials that do not interfere with quality of the product

Product Review

This is a product that is designed to enlarge your penis and leave it like that without the fear of losing your new gains. It is believed to give results almost instantly and with minimum effort and time

How it Works

From the product manual, you need to wear the pump 15 minutes before taking a shower. The pump will create a vacuum around the penis, the pump will then draw blood into your penis forcing it to grow bigger and erect. Water is used to give counter pressure within the cylinder so that the penis gets to be stretched.

The moment you stop the compression a valve will close as the gaiter expands resulting in increased pressure on the penis shaft. This will also pile pressure on the tissues and start stretching in the desired direction. Doing this over a given period of time gives adds length and girth to the penis.


Can be used as a conventional penis pump to deliver maximum pressure that can be regulated by the gaiter mechanism


The pressure valve has a 360 degree mark on it making it easier to remove or adjust pressure accordingly. The measuring units are imprinted on two sides of the cylinder in centimeters and inches


High quality plastics from part of the body of the cylinder giving the hard unbreakable property giving the product a lifetime warranty.


The product makers are giving its buyer a 60-day money back guarantee

Easy to Use

Any average user can use it after a watching a simple demonstration

How They Compare

Penomen can be compared with bathmat which also uses almost similar technology

Bathmate comes in a series of different pump variations for different lengths and sizes , whereas Penomet has only one size to fit all which may not be effective for guys with penis less than 2 inches or bigger than 8 inches

Penomet Gaiter control system is flexible and can move up to the required position with each position giving different strength which gives one the freedom to adjust the pumping intensity. The Bathmate control system is attached to the body of the cylinder which to some users makes it difficult to clean some sections of the tube.

Penomet can be used in the dishwasher for routine cleaning, Bathmate due to its stronger outer cover it may not be used in the dishwasher for cleaning purposes.

Penomet has the simplest valve mechanism that enables a user to immediately release pressure when it becomes unbearable. Bathmate also has a release pump that can be pushed inwards to release pressure but not conveniently placed as the Penomet one.

Male Extra Pills Review

Are you that man who needs to improve your bedroom prowess by supercharging your sex life, in the long run, boosting your self-esteem? The Male Extra Pills is just what you need for a bigger, harder, and long lasting erections with a roaring orgasm. Share the extra stamina with your partner the whole night. For guaranteed satisfaction, Male Extra may be your answer.

male extra reviews

It falls on the three-star rating


  • Gains are faster and may be noticeable within days
  • Made of natural ingredients that are believed to be increasing the blood flow
  • Contains healthy hormones that boost sexual performance
  • Enables men to control their ejaculations
  • It is trusted by doctors as safe to use with no known side effects
  • One can stop using it the moment desired results are obtained
  • All the recommended 3 pills a day can be taken all at once


  • The stamina may prove too much for the two of you to handle
  • Some people may react to the various ingredients used in its composition
  • It is still new in the market, there may not have been tested enough
  • Difficult to find any documentation on anyone that has used it for a long time
  • Results may vary from one person to the next
  • Compared to other brands, it is seen as expensive.

The Key Features

  • Pomegranate Ellagic acid which is considered the main active Ingredients that maintains erections and hardness.
  • Zinc used to enhance orgasm and increase semen production
  • Tongkat Ali Extract increases sexual libido by increasing the testosterone levels
  • Epimediaum Sagittatum is the ultimate muscle relaxer within the penile area
  • L-Argine p[romotes cell health by increasing blood flow thus enabling firm erection
  • Creatine supplies the body with the needed energy during sexual performance
  • Cordyceps improves one sexual energy and desire

Male Extra Review

What is Male Extra

This is said to be a sexual enhancement pill made up of a fusion of naturally occurring extracts that are supposed to increase the size and hardness or your erection. This is said to be possible because the Male Extra pill work by increasing blood flow in the penile region. With a daily recommended dosage of 3 pills in a day, it is expected that you will see an increase your penis size after a period of 3 months if you stick to the daily dosage.

This product is manufactured by BUYYO LTD based in the US.

How Does it Work

Male Extra increases the blood’s nitric oxide levels that boost blood flow to the penis while at the same time increasing the supply of oxygen in the penile cells which is said to be the reason behind a hard long lasting erection. Some of its ingredients like the Pomegranate delays fatigue during any strenuous activity giving the extra energy needed to last longer in the bedroom.

The following key ingredients are the reason behind the effectiveness of this product.

Pomegranate and Niacin

Is the number one reason why users of Male Extra are believed to get the extra hardness of the penis by combining all the organ membranes to reduce fatigue and improve sexual drive.


This is an amino acid that has ingredients responsible fro the production of amino acids that are said to increase the dilation process of within the penis blood vessels which is a guarantee of a harder erection.

Cordyceps and Zinc

While cordyceps is hailed as a natural libido enhancer, Zinc in Male Extra increases the sperm count as well as offer protection to sperms against attacks from within the body. This works to improve overall penile health.

Male Extra can also be viewed under the following performance charcertrisrics.

Increased Penis Length

The Product page insists that anyone who uses this product consistently for 3 months will have a physical evidence of the growth of about 2.6 inches.

Increased Libido

It is reported that the ingredients used in the composition of Male Extra increase libido and an added stamina during sex.

Safe and Effective

It has been verified and certified by many male health experts who report tremendous results days after taking the dose.

No Known Side Effects

Unlike its competitors in the same category, Male Extra does not have any adverse effects because most of its compounds are naturally extracted.

A solution to Impotence

Consistent use of Male Extra is believed to increase your sperm count and increase cell activity in the surrounding glands thereby giving you a guaranteed performance for you and your partner.

It is as Simple as Taking the Pills

You do not need to worry so much about performance the moment you decide to use this supplement because the only thing required of you is adhering to the daily dosage for a given period of time.

How Does it Compare

The other likely product that may upset the Male Extra market share is the VigRX Plus. Both of these products are famously known to enhance libido, sexual energy and increase blood circulation in the penile region.

Male Extra is made in form of capsules to be taken 3 capsules a day while VigRX Plus is in the form of 2 tablets as a daily dose.

Another point of difference is the numerous ingredients that each seems to have but are related in their functionalities. VigRX Plus is said to have the best ingredient formula to boost libido naturally

Male Extra may not be officially endorsed by medical professionals despite its global usage which is more than what VigRX Plus which has a wide doctor's approval.

Male Extra’s L-Arginine compound is the elixir to male impotence problems, it works well to increase hardness in the penis. VigRX Plus does not contain this compound.

​If you are looking for other Male Enhancement options, the see our home page for all the top rated consumer rated products.

Jes Extender Penis Extender Review

For all sizes and proportions, the Jes Extender is a penile enlargement tool that has been developed as a one size fits all to give you back your confidence and make your love life more enjoyable. It has been used for many years and is said to be effective within four months of persistent use.

Jes extender reviews

A five-star review seems to be adequate for a device that has earned consumer’s confidence all these years.


  • Has great customer review and support for over 2 decades
  • It is a natural process without the need of surgery or medication
  • No skin irritations whatsoever
  • Can be worn while carrying out intense daily activities such as jogging, walking or at the office.
  • The equipment is made of rust proof screws
  • The body components are very flexible and soft on the skin
  • You can comfortably wear it with your usual clothes
  • Results may show as early as 7 days
  • Can be used by those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, impotence or premature ejaculation
  • Improves one sexual life


  • You must use for a given set period of time to see results
  • Considered to be slightly expensive compared to devices in the same class
  • May not be used by children
  • Different models exist that may be confusing when it comes to making a decision on which one to use

Key features of Jes Extender

  • Has a comfort strap and a noose
  • Made of naturally occurring elements that will not react with the body
  • Can be adjusted from 0g to 1500 g of tension ( equipped with tension indicators)
  • Packed in an alluvium casing
  • Uses traction technology to grow your penis
  • The ones made of titanium can be used by different people alternatively

Jes Extender Review

Jes extender results

It is said to be the first penis enlargement device that was developed by a Danish firm to use traction technology to help naturally increase the size of your penis. It is made of a high-grade titanium with different variations making it the world’s widely used male penis enhancer. The package comes with growth monitoring keys that may be used for adjustments in a matter of seconds.

How Does it Work

As stated on the product website it uses traction technology to take advantage of the body’s ability to grow under pressure thereby increasing cellular activity and cell division. The growth is said to be permanent. Follow the video link below to see how it works

Safe and Easy to Wear

It is said that all the materials used to develop this device have passed medical certifications to ensure personal safety as you increase the size of your penis. The package has an instructional video and documentation that are clear.


Jes extender customer reviews

The manufacturer is a reputable company and they indicate that the product has undergone extensive research and tests over the years to prove that the results are a reflection of the expectations. Some science research has said that good usage of between two to four months will give the expected results, some say that the results are visible after one week.


The variations that exist is the manufacturer ways of saying that you can take your pick depending on what every package delivers in terms of pricing, support and the different functionalities performed by the given package.

FDA Approved

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put their mark on this product, giving consumers confidence that this product is safe for people to use in the comfort of their homes.

Tension Control

As your penis grows bigger, Jes Extender has a tension control system that can be adjusted to increase the tension that matches the growth level attained, This design is there to reduce pain as your penis gets its new size.

One Size Fits All

Whatever the dimension of your penis, circumcised or nor Jes Extender makers say that it fits well regardless of size but you must at least be 18 years of age to use it.

Treatment Plan

Many reviews indicate that the total increase in length is directly proportional to the number of hours you have used the Jes Extender. For quick results, you have to put it on for longer hours if your schedule can allow.

How They Compare

When you get into the male penis enhancement market you will be spoilt for choice on what type of extender to take home. You will only make such an important decision after comparing your preference against the competition.

Jes Extender V/s Size Genetics

One area that the two devices seem to differ is in the accessories department where the Jes Extender has little or no accessories depending on the package you buy in order to beat Size Genetics on price which comes with so many extras such as Penis Health, Live Support etc.

Jes Extender looks more affordable to the casual eye if you do not look into the bonus pack Size genetics come with to justify its higher price.

Curved Penises will find comfort on Size Genetics unlike using Jes Extender where you may have to pull your member in order to fit it within the loop

Using the Jes Extender needs a lot of patience because your glands will have to get used to the tension compared to Size Genetics which has 58 ways to wear it to your comfort hence less pain as you grow longer and thicker.

Jes Extender V/s Male Edge

On treating curvature in male organs Jes Extender reduces the degree of deviation back to almost zero degrees, Male Edge too can work on curvatures but not as fast or near the level of Jes Extenders.

Male Edge has a two-year warranty whereas Male Edge offers a lifetime warranty on its usage.

Comparing Jes Extender with Male Edge in terms of functionalities, then Male Edge will take the price especially on it being easy to extend the size you want by rotating the rods clockwise as you pull outwards.

Male Edge Penis Extender Reviews

Penis extenders have part of many male conversations in recent times. An extender is a device worn on the penis in order to stretch the organ’s length causing it to grow gradually with time.

Male edge penis extender review 2017

If you are looking for an affordable solution to extend the penis size and raise your self-esteem, the second generation Male Edge Extender is a superior handcrafted extender that you will use without the need for surgery or any risks thereafter.

Male edge Penis extender results

A four-star rating will suffice


  • Considered safe because it uses natural occurring materials
  • It is painless and non-invasive
  • Easy to put it on for men of all sizes without unnecessary adjustments
  • Does not have varying pressure limits instead they are packaged in three variations
  • Light in weight (about 70 grams)
  • It has a two-way front piece to fit all penis sizes
  • Has a measuring ruler to check on progress
  • It uses traction method that has been scientifically been proven to enhance strength
  • It gives a permanent result
  • Uses natural process (cell division) to grow the penis.
  • May not be comfortable when you are an outdoor person
  • May cut blood supply for those with uncircumcised members
  • The plastic arms are likely to break if not used properly
  • Needs a lot of patient and time for final results.
  • It is said that the front piece may come off as a result of increased tension


  • Has a synthetic rubber for strapping
  • The straps measure about 17 cm
  • The minimum and the maximum usable length is 7 and 20 centimeters respectively
  • It is made of lightweight plastic
  • Can be adjusted from both ends
  • Has a penis strap attachment
  • Its tension levels are within 1200g, 2000g, and 2800g.

Key Features and Specifications

Product Review

What is Male Edge Extender

Male Edge is a natural penis enlargement device that reactivates cell division within the penis so that it can grow naturally making it longer and thicker. It is considered the preferred alternative to surgery. Some claims attribute it to be able to correct Peyronie's (curved penis) disease. The device was developed by DanaMedic a Danish firm and is believed to have helped millions of men.

How Does it Work

It uses traction force to pull the penis as it widens at the same time. The result is evident if the device is used consistently for a given period. This elongation will spur cell growth and division thereby growing your penis to the desired length and girth. The final result is permanent as stated on the product website.

Guaranteed Results

It is said to be giving guaranteed results of up to 30% penis length and an increase in 20% width. These results are based on its advanced traction technology. It is further stated that the outcome is permanent and because cell division that takes place after introducing Male Edge is a natural process that promotes absorption of blood and nutrients into the new length.

Documented penis Growth

Curvature Treatment

Some doctors have recommended the use of this device for Peyronie’s treatment. Some have even testified that the curvature reduction is close to 90%.


It is thought to be designed for comfort because of its lightweight and a rubber strap. The product is designed to fit all penile lengths and sizes without so much of modifications. Its lightweight is also considered a factor in its usability and the other fact that it can be used by men of all sizes.


Traction is said to be a proven penis enlargement technique that is slow and promotes cell growth and development by stretching tissue cells. The extra space created by this process is filled with new cells.

Pressure Control

The device allows one to control the pressure settings to three levels as follows 1.200g, 2.000g, and 2.800g.


Holding rods are designed in such a way that you can rotate and pull them to the desired length without the need of additional rods.

How Does it Compare

Male Edge V/s Jes Extender

Male Edge can be compared to Jes Extender and Size Genetics because they all perform the same function.

The Jes Extender is said to give a consistent stretch to the penis, therefore, taking advantage of the body’s ability to withstand applied pressure. You are more likely to get a fuller longer penis in a short moment because the device can be put on anytime and anywhere compared to Male Edge which may be uncomfortable having it all the time

Male Edge is recommended by doctors because they see it as a guarantee that penis will grow with an average of about 28% and 19% length and width respectively. Jes extender thrives on the backing of scientists who are in the enhancement field.

Jes Extender can enlarge your penis on a day-to-day basis depending on your budget plan while the Male Edge extender gives one room to decide how much traction you want to apply and how long you want to wear it.

Male Edge V/s Size Genetics

In terms of comfort, it is said that the Male Extender is by far the most comfortable whereas Size Genetics offer good comfort on the higher packages.

You can easily adjust both Size Genetics and Male Extender to varying the penile length, but for the basic Size Genetics package you will not have the extension bars.

All these three, Jes Extender, Size Genetics, and Male Extender work well but it all depends on cost effectiveness and durability of the device. For quick results, Size Genetics will guarantee that compared to Male Extender.

Male Edge Is designed to fit men of all sizes because of its two-way front piece that can accommodate penises below 5 inches when erect or flaccid. Size Genetics offer comfort but not much has been said about the minimum size that can fit in.

Size Genetics does not give you the freedom to adjust traction or pressure that is applied to the penis, Male Edge gives men this traction freedom so that you can adjust according to the measure of growth.