Hydromax X20 Review

When it is all about penis enhancement, you may have tried different methods and you all seem lost in choices. This is a revolutionary pump that is more useful to men who have a fully erect penis at 4inches or 10cm. This could a great solution for you if you fall outside the average penis size of 5 inches or 14 cm. Using Hydromax X20 is believed to not only work on the size but also your sexual stamina.

hydromax x20 reviews

A rating of 5 out 5 makes sense


  • Persistent use guarantees permanent gain in length
  • has a safe pressure level
  • Gives hard erections
  • Is a remedy to premature ejaculation
  • Accommodate smaller penis sizes
  • Safe to use with no side effects
  • Can be used frequently because of its regulated pressure settings
  • The design gives the user the feel of comfort
  • Its body is made up of material that does not affect the skin or causes any rashes
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • Made of polycarbonate which makes it durable
  • The pump has facing plates that keep the penis in position giving you more freedom with the arms.
  • It is possible to record measurements even when pumping is going on
  • May help correct the penile curvature
  • Enlarges the penis head


  • Can only be used with water
  • Consistent pumping is needed to maintain suction power.
  • May lead to reddening of the penis shaft after regular use
  • Time consuming

Key Features

  • Has a length of about 10cm with the inner tube measuring 6.5 cm.
  • Has a maximum pressure limit of 8 psi
  • The pump’s outer cover is made of a transparent polycarbonate
  • Free of Latex
  • Phthalate free
  • has a sleeve that lies between the penis and bellows. This feature is to minimize pain or discomfort.
  • A comfort ring attached to the pump cushioning you from the pumping motion.
  • Comes bundled with the following
  • Luxury case
  • A cleaning brush
  • Shower strap
  • Lubricant
  • measuring gauge

Hydromax x20 Review

This product is believed to be worth it for any man with a penis s smaller than 4 inches when erect. The product manufacturers are saying that using this product increases your sexual stamina by enhancing erections, increase in length and girth without the worry of any adverse effects. It is basically a water based penis pump that can be used when one taking a shower

How it Works

Water that is trapped in the vacuum chamber relaxes your penile tissues along the shaft. This is supposed to open p your blood vessels. The moment you start to pump, the capacity of the penis to hold blood is increased. The X20 uses more power to increase your length. The pressure limit has already been set at 8 psi, any attempt to increase the pressure willingly result in bruises.

How it works Video Overview

The Pumping Tube

Made of a tough outer cover that is said to be unbreakable. This cover has within it facing surfaces which maintain the grip and positioning o the penis at all times. Has a clear scale that you can see how far your member has grown

The Valve

It is well-positioned and does not interfere with the use at the time of adjustments. Water goes through the valve before the pumping starts.

The Pump

The pump has predetermined pressure level meaning that one does not need to adjust the pressure levels up or down. The pump is made of a strong rubber material


The comfort ring gives the man cushion against the persistent pumping action.

The Sleeve

Lies between the penis and the bellows. The sleeve controls the penis away from the ridges of the pump that may cause bruising.

Different Versions

Depending on the size of your penis, Hydromax Pumps come in different sizes and comfort levels. The other versions being X30 and X40.

How Does it Compare


The Hydromax X series are X20, X30, and the X40. X20 is the latest entrant in the market which apparently has the smallest pump and is more directed to men with smaller penis size. The X30 is, of course, more powerful than the X20 but smaller in size compared to the X40 which in turn is more powerful

The X20 may not have been designed to advanced users in mind, it was put in place to address the issue of a penis less than the normal average while the two X30 and X40 are for advanced users who are more keen on gaining length and more power in the shortest time possible.

The X40 can accommodate an erect penis of up to 8 inches long, X30 takes one inch less than the X40 as the new entrant X20 takes a maximum erect penis of up 5 inches.


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