Male Edge Penis Extender Reviews

Penis extenders have part of many male conversations in recent times. An extender is a device worn on the penis in order to stretch the organ’s length causing it to grow gradually with time.

Male edge penis extender review 2017

If you are looking for an affordable solution to extend the penis size and raise your self-esteem, the second generation Male Edge Extender is a superior handcrafted extender that you will use without the need for surgery or any risks thereafter.

Male edge Penis extender results

A four-star rating will suffice


  • Considered safe because it uses natural occurring materials
  • It is painless and non-invasive
  • Easy to put it on for men of all sizes without unnecessary adjustments
  • Does not have varying pressure limits instead they are packaged in three variations
  • Light in weight (about 70 grams)
  • It has a two-way front piece to fit all penis sizes
  • Has a measuring ruler to check on progress
  • It uses traction method that has been scientifically been proven to enhance strength
  • It gives a permanent result
  • Uses natural process (cell division) to grow the penis.
  • May not be comfortable when you are an outdoor person
  • May cut blood supply for those with uncircumcised members
  • The plastic arms are likely to break if not used properly
  • Needs a lot of patient and time for final results.
  • It is said that the front piece may come off as a result of increased tension


  • Has a synthetic rubber for strapping
  • The straps measure about 17 cm
  • The minimum and the maximum usable length is 7 and 20 centimeters respectively
  • It is made of lightweight plastic
  • Can be adjusted from both ends
  • Has a penis strap attachment
  • Its tension levels are within 1200g, 2000g, and 2800g.

Key Features and Specifications

Product Review

What is Male Edge Extender

Male Edge is a natural penis enlargement device that reactivates cell division within the penis so that it can grow naturally making it longer and thicker. It is considered the preferred alternative to surgery. Some claims attribute it to be able to correct Peyronie's (curved penis) disease. The device was developed by DanaMedic a Danish firm and is believed to have helped millions of men.

How Does it Work

It uses traction force to pull the penis as it widens at the same time. The result is evident if the device is used consistently for a given period. This elongation will spur cell growth and division thereby growing your penis to the desired length and girth. The final result is permanent as stated on the product website.

Guaranteed Results

It is said to be giving guaranteed results of up to 30% penis length and an increase in 20% width. These results are based on its advanced traction technology. It is further stated that the outcome is permanent and because cell division that takes place after introducing Male Edge is a natural process that promotes absorption of blood and nutrients into the new length.

Documented penis Growth

Curvature Treatment

Some doctors have recommended the use of this device for Peyronie’s treatment. Some have even testified that the curvature reduction is close to 90%.


It is thought to be designed for comfort because of its lightweight and a rubber strap. The product is designed to fit all penile lengths and sizes without so much of modifications. Its lightweight is also considered a factor in its usability and the other fact that it can be used by men of all sizes.


Traction is said to be a proven penis enlargement technique that is slow and promotes cell growth and development by stretching tissue cells. The extra space created by this process is filled with new cells.

Pressure Control

The device allows one to control the pressure settings to three levels as follows 1.200g, 2.000g, and 2.800g.


Holding rods are designed in such a way that you can rotate and pull them to the desired length without the need of additional rods.

How Does it Compare

Male Edge V/s Jes Extender

Male Edge can be compared to Jes Extender and Size Genetics because they all perform the same function.

The Jes Extender is said to give a consistent stretch to the penis, therefore, taking advantage of the body’s ability to withstand applied pressure. You are more likely to get a fuller longer penis in a short moment because the device can be put on anytime and anywhere compared to Male Edge which may be uncomfortable having it all the time

Male Edge is recommended by doctors because they see it as a guarantee that penis will grow with an average of about 28% and 19% length and width respectively. Jes extender thrives on the backing of scientists who are in the enhancement field.

Jes Extender can enlarge your penis on a day-to-day basis depending on your budget plan while the Male Edge extender gives one room to decide how much traction you want to apply and how long you want to wear it.

Male Edge V/s Size Genetics

In terms of comfort, it is said that the Male Extender is by far the most comfortable whereas Size Genetics offer good comfort on the higher packages.

You can easily adjust both Size Genetics and Male Extender to varying the penile length, but for the basic Size Genetics package you will not have the extension bars.

All these three, Jes Extender, Size Genetics, and Male Extender work well but it all depends on cost effectiveness and durability of the device. For quick results, Size Genetics will guarantee that compared to Male Extender.

Male Edge Is designed to fit men of all sizes because of its two-way front piece that can accommodate penises below 5 inches when erect or flaccid. Size Genetics offer comfort but not much has been said about the minimum size that can fit in.

Size Genetics does not give you the freedom to adjust traction or pressure that is applied to the penis, Male Edge gives men this traction freedom so that you can adjust according to the measure of growth.


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