Male Extra Pills Review

Are you that man who needs to improve your bedroom prowess by supercharging your sex life, in the long run, boosting your self-esteem? The Male Extra Pills is just what you need for a bigger, harder, and long lasting erections with a roaring orgasm. Share the extra stamina with your partner the whole night. For guaranteed satisfaction, Male Extra may be your answer.

male extra reviews

It falls on the three-star rating


  • Gains are faster and may be noticeable within days
  • Made of natural ingredients that are believed to be increasing the blood flow
  • Contains healthy hormones that boost sexual performance
  • Enables men to control their ejaculations
  • It is trusted by doctors as safe to use with no known side effects
  • One can stop using it the moment desired results are obtained
  • All the recommended 3 pills a day can be taken all at once


  • The stamina may prove too much for the two of you to handle
  • Some people may react to the various ingredients used in its composition
  • It is still new in the market, there may not have been tested enough
  • Difficult to find any documentation on anyone that has used it for a long time
  • Results may vary from one person to the next
  • Compared to other brands, it is seen as expensive.

The Key Features

  • Pomegranate Ellagic acid which is considered the main active Ingredients that maintains erections and hardness.
  • Zinc used to enhance orgasm and increase semen production
  • Tongkat Ali Extract increases sexual libido by increasing the testosterone levels
  • Epimediaum Sagittatum is the ultimate muscle relaxer within the penile area
  • L-Argine p[romotes cell health by increasing blood flow thus enabling firm erection
  • Creatine supplies the body with the needed energy during sexual performance
  • Cordyceps improves one sexual energy and desire

Male Extra Review

What is Male Extra

This is said to be a sexual enhancement pill made up of a fusion of naturally occurring extracts that are supposed to increase the size and hardness or your erection. This is said to be possible because the Male Extra pill work by increasing blood flow in the penile region. With a daily recommended dosage of 3 pills in a day, it is expected that you will see an increase your penis size after a period of 3 months if you stick to the daily dosage.

This product is manufactured by BUYYO LTD based in the US.

How Does it Work

Male Extra increases the blood’s nitric oxide levels that boost blood flow to the penis while at the same time increasing the supply of oxygen in the penile cells which is said to be the reason behind a hard long lasting erection. Some of its ingredients like the Pomegranate delays fatigue during any strenuous activity giving the extra energy needed to last longer in the bedroom.

The following key ingredients are the reason behind the effectiveness of this product.

Pomegranate and Niacin

Is the number one reason why users of Male Extra are believed to get the extra hardness of the penis by combining all the organ membranes to reduce fatigue and improve sexual drive.


This is an amino acid that has ingredients responsible fro the production of amino acids that are said to increase the dilation process of within the penis blood vessels which is a guarantee of a harder erection.

Cordyceps and Zinc

While cordyceps is hailed as a natural libido enhancer, Zinc in Male Extra increases the sperm count as well as offer protection to sperms against attacks from within the body. This works to improve overall penile health.

Male Extra can also be viewed under the following performance charcertrisrics.

Increased Penis Length

The Product page insists that anyone who uses this product consistently for 3 months will have a physical evidence of the growth of about 2.6 inches.

Increased Libido

It is reported that the ingredients used in the composition of Male Extra increase libido and an added stamina during sex.

Safe and Effective

It has been verified and certified by many male health experts who report tremendous results days after taking the dose.

No Known Side Effects

Unlike its competitors in the same category, Male Extra does not have any adverse effects because most of its compounds are naturally extracted.

A solution to Impotence

Consistent use of Male Extra is believed to increase your sperm count and increase cell activity in the surrounding glands thereby giving you a guaranteed performance for you and your partner.

It is as Simple as Taking the Pills

You do not need to worry so much about performance the moment you decide to use this supplement because the only thing required of you is adhering to the daily dosage for a given period of time.

How Does it Compare

The other likely product that may upset the Male Extra market share is the VigRX Plus. Both of these products are famously known to enhance libido, sexual energy and increase blood circulation in the penile region.

Male Extra is made in form of capsules to be taken 3 capsules a day while VigRX Plus is in the form of 2 tablets as a daily dose.

Another point of difference is the numerous ingredients that each seems to have but are related in their functionalities. VigRX Plus is said to have the best ingredient formula to boost libido naturally

Male Extra may not be officially endorsed by medical professionals despite its global usage which is more than what VigRX Plus which has a wide doctor's approval.

Male Extra’s L-Arginine compound is the elixir to male impotence problems, it works well to increase hardness in the penis. VigRX Plus does not contain this compound.

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