Penomet Penis Pump Review

If size matters to you either in terms of length or girth, you may need the services of a water penis vacuum pump that was specifically designed to increase your penis size in terms of length and diameter. It is an invention in the market that is said to be the perfect and safest tool for penis enlargement.

penomet reviews

In its category, it will take a rating of 4 out of 5


  • Relatively cheaper compared to other devices of the same class
  • Gaiters- the device use to control pressure applied to come in different settings
  • The results are almost instant
  • Comes with a free user guide
  • You are able to move from basic standards to premium standards Penomet at an added fee
  • Can be used by people with all types of penis size or those with Peyronie's disease.
  • Can be used while in the shower
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Reduces the effects of impotence
  • Controls premature ejaculation
  • Reverse the effects of Peyronie's disease
  • Sexual vigor and stamina is increased


  • Does not work for people with micro penis syndrome – any size that is less than 2inches
  • Can accommodate penis length of up to 8 inches to the maximum

Key features

  • It is mainly a cylindrical tube made from a high quality plastic that is considered unbreakable. It's pressure control mechanism is made up of medical grade silicon.
  • It can be used virtually everywhere including the shower without affecting the final result.
  • It implement the Aqua pressure system to thrust out the maximum vacuum space fro the best results
  • The cylinder has been measured to its nearest inches and centimetres
  • The pressure release valve can turn up to 360 degrees making using it so easy
  • The manufacturer’s used the most durable materials that do not interfere with quality of the product

Product Review

This is a product that is designed to enlarge your penis and leave it like that without the fear of losing your new gains. It is believed to give results almost instantly and with minimum effort and time

How it Works

From the product manual, you need to wear the pump 15 minutes before taking a shower. The pump will create a vacuum around the penis, the pump will then draw blood into your penis forcing it to grow bigger and erect. Water is used to give counter pressure within the cylinder so that the penis gets to be stretched.

The moment you stop the compression a valve will close as the gaiter expands resulting in increased pressure on the penis shaft. This will also pile pressure on the tissues and start stretching in the desired direction. Doing this over a given period of time gives adds length and girth to the penis.


Can be used as a conventional penis pump to deliver maximum pressure that can be regulated by the gaiter mechanism


The pressure valve has a 360 degree mark on it making it easier to remove or adjust pressure accordingly. The measuring units are imprinted on two sides of the cylinder in centimeters and inches


High quality plastics from part of the body of the cylinder giving the hard unbreakable property giving the product a lifetime warranty.


The product makers are giving its buyer a 60-day money back guarantee

Easy to Use

Any average user can use it after a watching a simple demonstration

How They Compare

Penomen can be compared with bathmat which also uses almost similar technology

Bathmate comes in a series of different pump variations for different lengths and sizes , whereas Penomet has only one size to fit all which may not be effective for guys with penis less than 2 inches or bigger than 8 inches

Penomet Gaiter control system is flexible and can move up to the required position with each position giving different strength which gives one the freedom to adjust the pumping intensity. The Bathmate control system is attached to the body of the cylinder which to some users makes it difficult to clean some sections of the tube.

Penomet can be used in the dishwasher for routine cleaning, Bathmate due to its stronger outer cover it may not be used in the dishwasher for cleaning purposes.

Penomet has the simplest valve mechanism that enables a user to immediately release pressure when it becomes unbearable. Bathmate also has a release pump that can be pushed inwards to release pressure but not conveniently placed as the Penomet one.


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