Size Genetics Penis Extender Review

When your manhood is not in the size that pleases you, it is time to take matters into your own hands and try the market tested  Size Genetics Penis Enhancement device that uses traction technology in the safest and most effective way. You do not need to waste time on non-permanent solutions like pills or invasive surgical procedures.


Size Genetics

Rated 5 stars because of its professional quality and money back guarantee.


  • The results are guaranteed
  • High quality environmentally friendly materials used to construct the device
  • It's strapping support system is the highly ranked among its peers
  • Has been backed by science and enhancement experts
  • Served many clients for more than 10 years
  • Is made of durable substances for long term usage
  • Has a well-calibrated traction mechanism that gives the best results
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Improves the quality of one’s erection
  • It can be used for correcting curvature in penis


  • You need to spend more to get a warranty certificate
  • Considered to be somehow expensive
  • You have to be committed to getting any results
  • You may get the cold feel of the metal bars
  • You cannot pass urine with the device in place
  • Has to be removed after 2 hours to restore normal blood flow

Key Features of Size Genetics 

  • Has been certified by numerous health and government bodies
  • The design is patented to maintain its comfort standards
  • Have unique features that can help you control ejaculation
  • Increases penis size by inches
  • If used well it may improve the quality and strength of your erections
  • It was initially designed to correct the penile curvature
  • Has different sizes elongation bars
  • Comes with a pad and comfort strap
  • The ultimate Size Genetics has several spare parts and cleaning wipes
  • Aftercare moisturizer in place ready for use

Size Genetics Review


Size Genetics is said to be a simple device that you need to have it on for a minimum of two hours in a day for some months to get the penile extension that you have always craved for. It uses gentle tension to your organ and adds inches to it after a given period of time.

How it Works

Its functionalities are based traction, cell division, and extension of ligaments over a set period of time depending on the individual. Traction gives room for tissue cells to form around the penis, the resulting gaps and tears will be filled by cell division that will continue to multiply until the desired length is achieved. Size Genetics extends your member’s ligaments in order to match the new size and enable it to hang low when flaccid.

User Friendliness

The number of satisfied users can tell that the device is quite easy to use and can be incorporated int one's lifestyle without so much struggle

Multi-Directional Angling (MDA Technology)

It is equipped with advanced comfort plasters that will ensure no slipping occurs and it can be worn at your preferred angle, increasing the range of movement

16- Way Ultimate Comfort System

You can choose to place it in 16 different positions to suit your needs and comfort. Giving you the freedom of movement in any kind of activity you may be involved in.

Training Bundles

It is had training resources and techniques that can be used to enhance your results especially on maintaining a stronger erection and a solid orgasm.

Package Designs

sizegenetics package design

There are a variety of packages to choose from depending on the needed results or your budget limits. There is the basic, advanced, and the ultra system

2,800 Grams of Tension

Compared to other devices Size Genetics is said to have 50% grams of tension which is a good accelerator in adding the needed extra inches in the shortest time possible. The higher the tension the better the results.

3M Advanced Comfort Plasters

It is claimed to have the best comfort from this innovative technology that is placed under the device to reduce friction


Many doctors around the world are said to have endorsed this product in the two decades it has been used by millions of men.

How They Compare

Size Genetics V/s Jes Extender

To Compare Size Genetics to the Jes Extender and the Male Edge, one has to look into factors such as Level of comfort, money back guarantee or what other accessories do they have. All these three extenders are popular and have faithful followers which may make it difficult to come up with an objective comparison.

Size Genetics contains the padded rubber that offers better comfort compared to the noose that is applicable in Jes Extenders which may restrict blood supply and can result in painful episodes when using it.

Size Genetics works well with a curved penis because of its 3M Advanced comfort technology and the 16-way comfort feature that can work with any sort of curvature with ease. The Jes Extender users are likely to suffer from constant slippage and it takes a lot of effort to place a curved penis on the hold.

In Terms of price the Jes Extender beats Size Genetics because with the little spent on Jes Extender you can still get a longer and a thicker penis in almost the same period of time

Size Genetics V/s Male Edge

Size Genetics is said to be able to give visible results within one week of using it. Compared to the Male Edge which also promises penis enlargement but after a longer period, usually more than a month.

Male Edge is deemed comfortable fit for men who value their comfort at an affordable price.

Size Genetics has been extensively tested and branded a medical type 1 device ( Protects against disfigurement and irritations) whereas Male Edge cannot boast of the same level of trust from the medical professionals.

Male edge has given its users the choice of how many inches they want to grow their penis. It also gives room for how much tension to apply and how long one should wear it. The Size Genetics can be worn as long one is comfortable with the tension and the preferred length.

In the market share Size Genetics seem to be way ahead of Male Edge in terms of sales.


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